Do you wanna know how I have been with more women than I can sit down and count?

While not having money or looks?

All while maintaining high standards of beauty in the women I have sex with?

Do you wanna know how I have taken women home from a club, who came there with other men?

Do you wanna know how I have fucked countless women the same exact day I met them?

Covert influence techniques.


Seduction MMA: The ultimate hybrid pickup artist system.



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“Every Success Incorporating His Method”

“Every single lay I ever got in my life was incorporating his method”  – Danny K. (Viper) – Verifiable Seduction Community Member


Who the hell am I?

Let me tell you a little bit about myself in case you didn’t read my bio page which goes much more in-depth. I am  Allen “Gunwitch” Reyes. Aka “Gun” I am a “seduction community” founder. I was around back before all the media and books and tv shows about men using psychological techniques and manipulations in dating. I was one of the first guys in the online world to innovate new influence methods for getting women, without being a good-looking, tall guy, with a cool job etc. I was one of the guys who got it all noticed by the media. I’ve been at it years. I have trained some of the other “pickup gurus” even. Some of my materials were required reading for instructors at the top couple of dating coaching/pickup artist companies.


What about now?

Now, recently, I have went back in the field again and field tested every piece of new pickup material that exists, read the latest science journals, the latest con game, and influence stuff, as well as some stuff I won’t even talk about. I have innovated tons of new structure and technique.

I hit the field hard, I hit the books hard, and have worked these areas out. I looked for all the magic bullets, I studied every single thing you can probably ever find. I used it all in field to see what works and what doesn’t, what would strengthen my game or weaken it, and what would fit in with the flow of Gunwitch Methods base power the best.

I combined all of it for this audio course, Seduction MMA.


Why “Seduction MMA”?

It fits. It isn’t cool or classy sounding haha.  However, it is a perfect description of this material. This is a hybrid method of picking up women, like a mixed martial art (like the sport people often call MMA), that works stunningly better than old styles of pickup and seduction by themselves. My own old methods included. If my original seduction materials were metaphorically like Boxing, and other styles were like everything from Karate to Judo to Kung Fu or Wrestling, a man using these new materials in comparison, would be practicing a hybrid style that incorporates the best there was and is, with new innovations, to be much more effective.

Basically, this course stomps the ass of anything else available for covert influence in cold approach pickup, as easy as an MMA fighter from 2023 would beat up a Boxer from 1995.


“It works.”

It works, if we consider all the field reports and pickup artists who are no longer virgins, thanks to his method and his advice. – P.F. (Ockwick) – French Translator/Marketer for my materials, and Verifiable French Seduction Community Member.


Why an audio course?

First I am a Podcaster with good enough audio equipment that I could put a high-quality audio. Second who wants to read when they can just listen on the train on the way home from work, or while doing something fun?


Who is it for?

Beginners: You just got lucky, you will save thousands of dollars learning all the most cutting-edge material there is. Everything available in the entire seduction community in one source, with one structure. You won’t find anything, anyplace else, that isn’t included here (that works anyway). Again I have seen it all, and tried it all in field, recent and for a long time. I am going to melt your brain out of your ears!

Intermediates: Get “unconfused” in field. Clear up the community contradictions of what works and what doesn’t, at a scientific level, not theory level. Get what you know synched up and put in a structure that will massively improve your results.

Advanced: Learn my hook solutions, and inner to outer game synergy materials.  Plus tons of new techniques and tactics never before released anywhere. You know I am an innovator, so you know you gotta have it haha! Plus learn the stronger easier to apply current versions of my original methods and techniques (which as you know if you are old in the game were already the foundation of every system).

For everyone:  I do not live in Hollywood, CA and do club game in the same 5 bars and nightclubs with the other 95% of men in this field. I mastered my pickup game in Portland, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, San Diego, Medford,  Los Angeles (yeah Hollywood too haha), Reno, Eugene and  20 other small towns you’ve never heard of from Canada to Mexico. My stuff is for places like where YOU live. With women like YOU will be dealing with. My first 100 approaches didn’t include 98 gold digging wannabe actresses on cocaine. You aren’t getting bizarre skewed advice from the fringes of some specific society from me. From me, you get materials that work in the “other 99%” of what is the real world.


“I owe much to you”

“I lost my virginity thanks to you, and am now in a relationship with a girl I really like.” “I owe much to you that I was able to meet her. And I’m still meeting other women.”  – M.Z. (Epitome) – Verifiable Seduction Community Member


Here is what you learn: Audio 1 – Introduction:

  • A quick overview of what you are about to learn.


Audio 2 – Universal Understandings: (for beginners)

  • Cold approaching vs standard dating.
  • Influence and seduction vs looks money and status. (the jury is not “still out”)
  • Controlling your emotions.
  • Getting approaching normally.
  • All the “inner game” you will ever need. ( fast, without a philosophy lesson)


Audio 3 – Attention:

  • How to open without knee-jerk rejections.
  • Exactly what to do and say when you approach.
  • How to make her think she invited you to approach her.
  • How to set the pace of the entire encounter.
  • How to transition post approach to…… doing more.


Audio 4 – Immersion:

  • How to “hook” way more often than with any other system.
  • Exactly what to say to women you approach.
  • How to get her “fixed” and ready to talk more to you.
  • Just like it sounds, how to immerse her in the encounter.
  • How to set her up for more powerful techniques.


Audio 5 – The Science behind it all:

  • Just like it sounds. Science, not my theories.
  • Why at a scientific level men’s looks don’t matter. (again, the jury is not “still out”)
  • “Inner vs Outer game” explained.
  • The CURRENT neuroscience behind how attraction works.
  • From journals and studies. Not simply conceptual frameworks like other systems.


“Makes you into a guy who totally understands women”

“This is no “mating for morons” material full of lame body language tips and cheap date ideas.” “This goes around all that. Allen makes you into a guy who totally understands women, and yourself and the roles and games played between us.” – J.J. – (wingman). From several publicized seduction community meets. Again I only use real testimonials.


Audio 6 – Key 1 Social Frame:

  • What to say long term.
  • Ways to keep the conversation flowing.
  • Get her feeling like she is interested in you instantly.
  • Get her seeing you as a valuable guy in her life.
  • Set her up for more powerful techniques.


Audio 7 – Key 2 Emotional Stimulation:

  • Further, immerse her in the encounter.
  • Non-verbal methods to captivate her attention.
  • Verbal Ways to captivate her attention.
  • Further control social frame.
  • Further set her up for more powerful techniques.


“The Truth”

“One word. SUPERB!” – Vince Runza – Early pickup teacher, and former skeptic turned fan.


Audio 8 – Key 3  Sexual arousal and escalation:

  • The verbal and the non-verbal synergy explained.
  • Get her turned on through actions and words with specific Examples.
  • Control the male-female sub communication.
  • Turn her on and make her think it was her idea.
  • Properly escalate the entire encounter.
  • Blur things, so things “just happened” in her mind.
  • Get her to leave with you the same day or night, easier than ever.
  • Get her making out with you without “going in for a kiss”.
  • Properly escalate from the first kiss to end game.
  • Get rid of last minute objections. Distort her reality.


Audio 9 – Learning it all and extras:

  • How to learn it all and put it together.
  • The most powerful technique of all.
  • Wingman vs solo
  • Dealing with women who interfere.
  • Dealing with other guys.
Venue Specifics such as:
  • Workplace.
  • Strip clubs.
  • The beach or lake or poolside.
  • Street venues. Vegas, Mardi Gras, carnivals, campus bar hops.
  • Daytime game groups.
  • Mixed groups of men and women.

TONS more. Too much to list.The final conclusion to the “Gunwitch Method”.


“14 women”

“Gun’s material is responsible for around 14 women I have fucked since coming out of a long-term relationship” – Marque – Verifiable Seduction Community Member. This guy looks at pickup as a hobby, same as me. Most guys, however, will fall in love with some girl, rest their ego, or otherwise derail their own progress way before this. If you don’t, you can rise to greater heights.


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