I understand that,

  • Even if I don’t have a Paypal account I can just hit “pay with credit card”.  Example
  • After I checkout I need to hit “return to merchant” to be directed to my instant download.
  • I have read all the terms of conditions and disclaimers.

You are about to delve in to an area of personal power with women in relationships that is again comparable to learning to choke out Karate men in 1995. You are about to listen to the equivalent of those early Ultimate Fighting Championships at an “eye opening experience” level. This is an “unfair” advantage to say the least.

Before taking this opportunity to learn how I control women in relationships, you again must realize I have to harp on it this time….

This is all fiction for entertainment purposes only. Don’t do any of it ever at all!  That way you can’t blame me when some chick who’s mentally unstable starts stalking you, or some girls family has a hit put out on you for stealing their daughter out of her social class, or whatever the case.

I don’t even want any testimonials from buyers on this one, because again no one is supposed to be doing any of it, it’s just for entertainment!

VERY INFORMATIVE entertainment however.

If i could go back and learn all of these innovations within one audio, I would have saved myself a lot of pain and misery. I would have avoided many jealous days and lots of lonely nights that I could have been spending with women who respected me and enjoyed my company. With one click of your finger and the price of a pizza, you can begin to seize the chance to learn what has taken me YEARS.




P.S. Again this under 3 hours long. So just do yourself a favor and check it out!




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