Will your woman cheat on you or leave you? Will you give up on even having a relationship instead?

“MGTOW” “Men Going Their Own Way”




Lets quickly analyze together, the language used by this popular mens rights movement,

Where are they going? Off in to some other dimension with no women there? Someplace with no women to tempt them with the dreaded “relationship from hell” or the “psycho chick”? Someplace where they can forget their real true base desire to have a woman in their bed regular?

You just gotta laugh. The reality is different than the wording.

Men are REALLY “going their own way” because they don’t know how to control the women they are dealing with.

Westernized women arguably are the least happy, most dramatic women in any era of history. Great equality and opportunity has been handed to them, and it has brought with it, entitlement, resentment and anger. All those things, directed at men. The divorce rate is now 60%, and 4 out of 5 of those divorces are filed by women. Outside of marriage, women in relationships will still completely suck a guys soul out and flush it down the toilet, via emotional drama and stress.

However, women are not a hive that all act as one. Each individual can me manipulated and formed in to something entirely different than the average battle axes that are rightly so, making these men, go their own way.

Given the right conditioning and circumstances. The hardest, meanest feminazi freak, is still fully capable of following a man around like a lost puppy. But ONLY if she is put through the right sequence, as soon as she is seduced/picked up/hooked up with.

Because we know for an obvious fact that those people who have the greatest ability to influence others have the best chance at success in life in general. The same applies here in this area as well. A person who knows how to covertly control a womans emotions, thoughts and actions doesn’t have to “go their own way”.

Now when you think of it that way instead, how much easier is it to notice that you are better off coming up with a solution, rather than the drastic overreaction to “avoid having relationships” with women entirely? Why “run to the hills” as the crazy always advise first? hahaha.

“Going your own way” is sticking your head in the sand and pretending you don’t want a woman in your bed that you are comfortable and compatible with sexually, all to spite her other behavior.

One of the greatest pleasures in our time on this earth as a male, is a secure, enjoyable relationship with a woman……. I’m gonna say it……..

where you are respected and obeyed….. (god forbid I spoke the word)



Witch 15: How I control relationships with women.


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So before we begin this journey in to covert influence and mind controlling women, you may be asking…..

Who the hell am I and why the hell would you want to learn how I control relationships?

Well for those who don’t know me I am the guy who wrote “The Gunwitch Method” in the pickup community back in the early 2000s. It revolutionized the then primitive pickup game of the time.  I was teaching how to use mirror neurons in influence before anyone was even talking about them. I then wrote several more works over the years keeping up with all my latest discoveries. I also put out my best selling extensive 8 hour audio course on how to pickup women called “Seduction MMA” a couple years ago.

As I say in the intro audio of Witch 15, I have been with so many women in my 20 years of doing this (im now 38) , that I can’t sit down and accurately remember/count how many.

I’ve read and tested every piece of pickup material there is as of 2021. I’ve studied every piece of influence material I could get my hands on in the last 20 years. I’ve studied medical journals on how the female brain works. I’ve taken courses and classes in everything from psychology to hypnosis to occult influence. I’ve met community webmasters, students and other gurus in person. My methods have been translated in to and sold in French, Spanish, German and Russian.

To toot my own horn a little here,  i’ve forgotten more than most have learned on this subject. I’ve been assisting guys in getting women and becoming pickup artists for 15 years. I’ve coached some of the top gurus of the top companies today, when they first arrived in the community.

That combined with the experimentation on women in, being a battlefield vet of,  20 long term relationships and 11 short term relationships, plus assorted “friends with benefits” (to class it up) situations, makes me pretty much the top authority on how to covertly influence and control women in relationships on planet earth. No I am not kiddingly boasting, I probably am. This is why, this is the only material like this, that I am aware of. Most relationship guides are chock full of stupidity and non specific techniques for a reason, the person writing it is coming at it from a politically correct angle, while trying to be moral. I don’t.

I have breakthroughs and techniques in this material that you will find no place else as of 2021.

I also have ways of doing things I have slowly learned over these almost two decades of relationships, while keeping an eye on control and influence.

You aren’t going to hear any of these ways of getting women chasing and infatuated from the lips of just any given guy who has dated a lot of women is my point. I am not only a serial dater of many years, I am also a master of influence to a some say a “spooky” degree.

A lot of people think they know what influence, and pickup artistry really is. From Mens Health magazine articles and Youtube videos Making  fun of “negs” and “peacocking “stuff. However most people are very surprised when they delve in to the deepest levels of influence and persuasion, how covert and unrecognizable it can be.

It always reminds me of back before the “UFC” the Ultimate Fighting Championships, mixed martial arts etc.

Back then Karate was king, and Kung Fu you just didn’t “mess with brotha”! Along came Royce Gracie and his Brazillian Jiu Jitsu, and he was choking out MASTERS of Kung Fu and Karate, and beating up cops with their hand to hand “trapping skills” and choking out Collegiate wrestlers. Suddenly it all turned around, and anyone who was ever intimidated by a Karate master, or paid thousands of dollars for lessons from some kung fu faker, felt like a chump and an idiot.

These days that’s how a lot of men feel about women. Like they have all the power, and you either have to submit and be dominated, or not play the relationship game at all. Nothing could be further from the truth.

You can control women in relationships and have it be a positive, not a negative experience for you to be in one!

We will look back at the intimidation and running away men are doing from women today, and laugh at them for not knowing the real score, just like we look back now and laugh at the guys who were cleaning the toilets for the strip mall Karate masters.

Knowing what I know today, is like knowing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in 1989, when it comes to relationships. Knowing what I know today about relationships is like understanding “Gunwitch method” in 1995 as a pickup artist.

You are about to delve in to an area of personal power with women in relationships that is comparable to learning to grapple against Karate men. You are about to listen to the equivalent of those early UFC matches, as an eye opening experience about how men can control women.

So, all of that is why hearing how I do things is of reasonable interest to an intelligent man. Be it a man about to go his own way, or a man who already has, and has now been honest with himself and come to realize that he would enjoy a partner in his life. Even if it is via mental controls that are outside of the moral/politically correct box.


Written and recorded by “Gun”/Allen Reyes himself, as seen in:


This is my most valuable product or writing yet that I have brought to the community. Even though “Gunwitch Method” revolutionized the community and debatably made me the most influential person on the old pickup community boards, so much so that many left and started their own forums who had products to sell. THIS is the “Gunwitch Method” of relationships.

This is my most valuable product, yet one of the shortest.

A lot of people even if they do fully comprehend that the deepest levels of influence are anything but the goofy Mens Health article “top ten lists” will have another doubt I know…… They think they can’t learn complex thought and emotional structures. This can be an issue in learning to be a cold approach pickup artist.

However this material is the opposite.

This material is a sequence of tricks and techniques that are easy to learn and use.  More importantly though, this is all workable without practice. This is not something that has to be worked over and over to get good at, it is only a few hours of easy listening.  A few hours of your time to learn, in story form and in specific examples how I don’t make mistakes I use to, that most men do. A few hours of your time  to avoid years and years of trial and error, multiple failed relationships, being cheated on etc.

THEN in the next sentence, specific covert (no one would ever notice them unless they heard this audio) behaviors and mind control tactics that are also, complex neurologically and socially, yet easy to learn to do.

Most of the material in this audio, one does not need to learn to apply it.

One only has to be aware of the dynamic happening to be able to apply it with Witch 15.

It is the ultimate “lazy man backup plan”.

This is the stuff I SOOOO wish I had known when I was in my early days of my first relationships. I would have saved my self so much pain and grief and time.

It isn’t just prevention of pain though that has made these things good to know. Procurement of pleasure is the end goal that it meets. It’s nice to have a regular partner. I mean why sit and live off of pickups? or for some guys why sit and live off of porn? When you can also have a woman at any given time on top of it?

So now that i’ve explained who I am and why you would want to know about these discoveries and methods I use to keep “hand” or control of women in relationships, lets list off what you learn in the 3 part audio reading that I am bringing to the community.

So lets explore what you will learn…..

  • The most powerful behavior pattern I have noticed in all my dealings with women.
  • How I make her initiate all the kissing, hugging and intimacy.
  • How I deal with other men around my girl who get aggressive with me  try to playfully “out alpha” me and lower my status in her eyes, or touch her or game her etc.
  • Three base phrases I use to shut down other guys who try to knock me down socially around women I am out with.
  • How I deal with her family and friends.
  • How I covertly ingrain submissive behavior casually. Done EASILY with a simple trick, not a complex technique.
  • Another deeper technique to do the same.
  • Mistakes I’ve learned to avoid that make guys lose “hand” in the relationship.
  • How I deal with drama, freakouts and women who try to get physical or make threats.
  • The main mental frame I use for drama.
  • Jealousy, how I think about it, how I defend myself from them invoking it, and how I use it as a mind control tool.
  • How I deal with it when she tries to make me jealous.
  • How I deal with it when I get genuine jealous. How I turn it around on her.
  • What I do when she wants to dance with someone else, go out with her friends, or hang out with an ex boyfriend.
  • How I keep women in relationships emotionally stimulated to the point of being half crazy. (worth the price alone).
  • Multiple long term relationships reality vs fantasy.
  • How to become the “boyfriend she’s trying to change”.
  • My verbal influence method in relationships. (Not from my other works)
  • My non verbal influence methods in relationships. (Also not my other works)
  • Two base principles I follow for taking it beyond control, and in to full commitment from her.
  • Accelerating the time we’ve known each other in her mind.
  • Dealing with drama.
  • One single principle I use for when I lose control of her or there is a fight or overload drama.
  • One final sequence I use that is the REAL “forbidden” technique of the pickup community.
  • Stalkers.
  • The difference between pickup and relationships, and the mistake I never make.


Some pickup gurus will say to basically use their method on women in relationships.

This is anything but that. I have an entirely unique system to control women in relationships, than I use to pick them up. It is almost entirely different than how I do a pickup. I have only written about small parts of it before in the community.

You will not have read all of this already, from myself or anyone else!

Also, again, don’t worry its not 8 hours! After Seduction MMA I really did my best to keep this as short as possible, lay out and explain the concept and mindset behind it and move on. This saves you time, while you still get to grasp the concepts I am laying out.


I wont say this will solve every problem you’ll ever have with women again, but this is the state of the art, this is the latest and best material in the entire community presented in an easy to learn fashion by one of the community founders.

I was right where you are at, at one point in my life, when it came to having “hand” in relationships. Since then I have discovered a “Hellraiser puzzlebox” of covert outright mind control strategies. It really excites me to be sharing these discoveries and how I personally use them.

Again I feel like I am offering so much value here, that I feel like I am “fighting the good fight”. For every man who doesn’t “go MGTOW” I know I am not just getting a guy a one night stand like my pickup material, but changing his life. Hell changing society. Flipping some of the power dynamic between men and women a little.

Guys these days are getting turned in to fruit flies. I don’t mean the slang term for women who hang out with gay men. I mean the science of giving up mentally. MGTOW type stuff.

What I mean is that if you take a jar and put some honey in the bottom, and gather a jar full of fruit flies, then put a piece of plastic wrap over the top, the flies will try to leave the jar, then not be able to. If you then remove that plastic wrap after an hour or so, those flies won’t try to get out of the jar again for hours, because their minds have basically been broken. They think that what they’ve been doing is the only way.

Much like men give up and think solitude and celibacy are an answer to not having to deal with out of control, dramatic, bitchy women, or that one night stands are the only way to have a woman in their bed, or for any intimacy.

I’m removing that plastic wrap right now!  Grasp this opportunity and listen to this audio risk free right now! You can learn this stuff today……. before your next relationship starts unexpectedly and before you know it spirals out of control in to her having “hand”.


Click here to check out the audio ……….





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