I understand that,

  • Even if I don’t have a Paypal account I can just hit “pay with credit card”.  Example
  • After I checkout I need to hit “return to merchant” to be directed to my instant download.
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What’s it going to cost you?

Nope it isn’t some insane high dollar price tag like a lot of these idiots are charging (then wondering why their outdated vague material doesn’t sell). It’s only 67 bucks for the audio course, and it is everything you could currently learn in the seduction community right now. There is nothing more powerful currently available anywhere, from any teacher for influence and seduction. I have studied it all and worked it all in field. You couldn’t learn everything in Seduction MMA at 2 or 3 workshops and listening to 5 or 10 other courses combined. PLUS my own classic materials strengthened and made easier to apply. PLUS stuff you won’t find anyplace else (yet) because I haven’t released it anywhere until today.


This is the best system available for picking up women as of 2023. You may as well just check it out.




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